Holy Wounds

“I received 5480 blows upon My Body. If you wish to honor them in some way, recite 15 Our Fathers and 15 Hail Marys with the following Prayers, which I Myself shall teach you, for an entire year. When the year is finished, you will have honored each of My Wounds.”

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Sacred Heart

It is by this means that the Sacred Heart of our loving Jesus wishes to save many souls from eternal perdition. This Divine Heart is like a fortress or a secure place of refuge for all poor sinners who wish to take shelter in It from the Justice of Almighty God.

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Divine Mercy

“Write: before I come as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice…” Diary, 1146 (cf., John 10:7: “I am the Door.”)

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Shoulder Wound

Our Lord declared unto her: 'I will treat with a preference whoever will meditate upon this wound ... I will come to seek devotees to My Holy Shoulder. I shall comfort them at the moment of their agony.' (p. 20, 'The Prophecies of La Fraudais').

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Precious Blood

“Children many are calling the Blood but not adoring it. All who adore My Precious Blood console My Father who mostly loves the Son. As you adore My Blood, the pains of My Sacred Heart get lesser. The Sorrowful Heart of My Mother will also be consoled.”

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"And Our dear Blessed Lord has shown me too how the head is also the center of all the senses of the body, AND THAT THIS DEVOTION IS THE COMPLETION, NOT ONLY OF THE DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART, BUT THE CROWNING AND PERFECTION OF ALL DEVOTIONS…. REMEMBER, Oh, my soul, the holy instruction which your Divine Spouse imparted to you today concerning His adorable Face. Remember that this Divine Head represents the Eternal Father Who is unbegotten, that the mouth of this Holy Face represents the Divine Word, begotten of the Father, and that the two eyes of this adorable Face are the symbol of the reciprocal love of the Father and the Son, for these two eyes possess only one light, and one identical knowledge between them both, and they produce the one same love, which represents the Holy Ghost." (PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW)

In 1932 Our Lord said to Madre Concepcion Zuniga: "If My children enfolded in the bosom of My Church suffer from the oppression of their enemies, it is because their works are not sufficiently pure to achieve liberty and triumph.

There are some just souls, My daughter, but they do not compensate for the impure. There is a lack of works of sanctity that would make Divine Justice pour out a copious shower of blessings on My children and on My enemies, to reconcile both in the love of My Heart. That is why I want victim souls! I want the Work so longed-for by My Heart!"
On another occasion in the same year he said: "With this legion of faithful servants, with the dissemination of the offering of victims in the world, the works of sanctity of just souls, through the merits of My Redemption, will succeed in increasing. And, before My Justice, this will be a way to repay the debts of the wickedness of humanity and to obtain many graces before Judgment day comes.
For when it comes, I, the merciful Victim now, will then be an inflexible judge of justice without appeal."

In 1969 he continued making his appeals, stating that men were provoking him with the seven capital sins, and that it was urgent for there to be atonement and reparation. Read More>>>


Be a Third Order Carmelite

The Third Order of Carmelites is a religious order where members respond freely and deliberately to God’s call, promising to live the evangelical life in the spirit and direction of the Carmelite Order.

Its members, men and women coming from all walks of life, drawn to the Carmelite spirituality, with an ardent desire to develop a more personal relationship with God, exhibiting a sincere commitment and love for the Order and the Blessed Virgin Mary, commit themselves to live in allegiance to our Lord Jesus Christ, choosing to live out their Baptismal commitment according to the spirit of Carmel. Read More>>>


Finally, the Lord Jesus Christ deigned to lift the veil surrounding the mystery on life after death through His chosen instrument, a pious cloistered nun, a victim soul for the holy souls in purgatory... "In My Divine Wisdom I have planned to reveal to men the secrets of the LIFE HEREAFTER, because this is necessary in order to raise them to a greater knowledge of the work of God. The world is about to enter a new phase, and men will have a greater knowledge of heavenly things. You are called to be among those that I have chosen for this mission and your writings will be read with the attention that these matters deserve. (7/22/1987) (PLEASE CONTINUE READING BELOW)


"Purgatory is a true place and not a state of being. This place is very near to the earth and it is the antechamber of hell. The reason why purgatory is so terrible because it is the beginning of hell and many souls would think themselves damned if they did not receive the visit of Mother Mary, St. Joseph and of the Saints who have the mission to encourage these poor souls and bear their sufferings." (A.M.G., testimony of a poor soul 6/17/1987)... "I wish to reveal to My faithful ones what will be in store for them in the HEREAFTER, what happiness will be theirs and what will be their own good fate. Yes, I wish that the veil that separates the knowledge of the truth, revealed to the CATHOLIC, ROMAN and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, from the knowledge of truth revealed to the Catholic Church of Philadelphia be lifted; and be LIFTED in such a manner that the MYSTERY OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD BE NO LONGER A MYSTERY; and that on the contrary this knowledge be an integral part of the revealed truth to the HOLY CHURCH of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, built on the foundation of the Cross of the Savior, built between the walls of the Holy Gospels and protected by the roof of the prophetic revelations... " (Our Lord Jesus 12/16/1987)

If Men Could Repent In Their Lives, 'Purgatory' Would Not Be So Terrible!

(7/29/1987 Our Lord Jesus)

"The merciful Jesus desires and asks you to sacrifice for the 'Poor Souls in Purgatory'. They do not have sufficient prayers said for them and few think to pray for them. You will pray in a spirit of reparation and you will offer your 'Crosses', your sufferings and your sacrifices to alleviate their sufferings and their solitude because nothing is sadder and more painful than the solitude of the soul in purgatory." (The most efficacious is Holy Mass offering, followed by the recitation of the Meditated Rosary, Way of the Cross, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Chaplet of the Holy Wounds/Precious Blood, Novenas, and other prayers.) Read More>>>

The Sacred Head and Holy Face Devotion Explained

The heart is the universal symbol of love.

Devotion to the Heart of Jesus is a recognition of that love so central to the Christian faith: "The Sacred Heart is…quite rightly considered the chief sign and symbol of that love with which the divine Redeemer continually loves the eternal Father and all human beings without exception." (Catechism of the Catholic Church 478)

Yet Teresa Higginson's great mission was to promote devotion to the Sacred Head of Our Lord as the Seat of Divine Wisdom, not as a substitute for devotion to the Sacred Heart, but as its perfection.

At first, this sounds strange. It only takes a little reflection, however, to recognize the extraordinary sense it makes; it is the head that controls and directs the heart: wisdom guides love.

Origin of the Devotion

This is best given in Teresa's own words, written in obedience to her spiritual director. It seems Lady Kerr's biography might be mistaken concerning the first revelation. A schoolteacher friend, Margaret Ashworth, testifies to Teresa's describing the devotion for the first time in 1874 or 1875.

However, an important spiritual experience occurred in the little village schoolhouse at Neston, on the feast of the Sacred Heart in 1879. Earlier in the day, Teresa had felt a great sense of unworthiness and humility until Our Lord had consoled her. Then towards evening, she retired to her room in a deep recollection:

"I was considering the excessive love of the Sacred Heart and offering to my Divine Spouse this same love to make amends for our coldness, and His constancy and infinite riches to make up for our poverty and misery, when our divine Lord suddenly represented to me the Divinity as a very large bright crystal stone in which all things are reflected or are, past present and to come, in such a manner that all things are present to Him. This immense precious stone sent forth streams of richly colored lights brighter beyond comparison than ten thousand suns, which I understood represented the infinite attributes of God. This great jewel also seemed to be covered with innumerable eyes which I understood represented the Wisdom and Knowledge of God….

Our Blessed Lord showed me this Divine Wisdom as the guiding power which regulated the motions and affections of the Sacred Heart, showing me that it had the same effect and power over its least action, and raising it, as the sun draws up the vapor from the ocean. He gave me to understand that a special devotion and veneration should be paid to the Sacred Head of Our Lord as the Seat of divine Wisdom and guiding power of the Sacred Heart, and so complete this heavenly devotion."

12 Promises of the Sacred Head of Our Lord Jesus to the Faithful

  1. "Anyone who shall assist in furthering this Devotion shall be blessed a 1,000 fold; but woe to him that shall reject or go against My wish in this respect, for they shall be scattered in my wrath and shall know their place no more." (June 2, 1880)
  2. Our Lord "would crown and clothe with a peculiar glory all those who further this devotion" to the Sacred Head. "He would clothe with glory before angels and men in the courts of heaven those who clothed Him in glory on earth and would crown them in everlasting bliss." (Sept. 10, 1880)
  3. "We render a great homage to the ever Blessed Trinity by adoring our dear blessed Lord's Sacred Head as the 'Seat of divine wisdom'." (Annunciation 1881)
  4. Our Lord would bless "all who practice or further this devotion in any way." (July 16, 1881)
  5. "Untold blessings are promised to those who shall try to further our Lord's wishes in spreading the Devotion." (Juni 2, 1880)
  6. "The more we practice devotion to the Sacred Head the more we must see of the working of the Holy Spirit of God in the human soul, and the better we will know and love the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." (Juni 2, 1880)
  7. The "devotion and love to His Sacred Heart should be bestowed a hundredfold upon those who practice devotion to the Seat of divine Wisdom." (May 1883)
  8. "Our blessed Lord said that all that He had promised to those who should worthily love and honor His Sacred Head should be poured out upon those who honored it themselves or were the means of others doing so. Oh Sacred Head, may Thy Wisdom ever guide us, and the sacred tongue ever blesses us and plead for mercy and pardon, and may we never hear the curse pronounced against those who shall hinder or despise this Devotion." (June 2, 1880)
  9. "To them that honor Me I will give of my might and I will be their God and they shall be My children and I will place my sign upon their foreheads and My seal upon their lips." (June 2, 1880)
  10. He gave me to understand that this wisdom and Light was the seal that marked the number of His elect and they shall see His Face and His Name shall be on their foreheads. (May 23, 1880)
  11. Our Lord gave her to understand that St. John referred to His Sacred Head of the Seat of Divine Wisdom "in the last two Chapters of Revelations and with this mark were sealed the numbers of His elect." (May 23, 1880)
  12. Our Lord shows her the great blessings and graces he has in store for all who shall further His divine Will to this end. (May 9, 1880)


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'A Millenium of Peace and Joy' by Fr. Adolf Faroni, S.D.B. with Nihil Obstat

The Folly of Committing Suicide (06/17/1987 A.M.G., a soul in purgatory)

"I have committed suicide, but God has forgiven me because I was praying to Him in my moral suffering and I pleaded for Him to grant me the desires of my heart. The Blessed Virgin Mary has shown me great understanding. She understood my disorder. She took me gently in her arms and she embraced me before I appeared at the Divine Tribunal."

(08/05/1987 D.T., a soul in purgatory)

"I give you (referring to Sister Beghe, God's instrument) thanks for having added me to the list of those you take charge of. I know I have acted wrongly committing suicide and I am severely punished for this cowardice. I realize the folly of this act and I cry bitterly for it."

The Folly of Cremating the Body (12/02/1987 S.L., a soul in purgatory)

"I am very unhappy because I have committed that injurious and abominable act in its arrogance towards God: I had myself cremated and I did not realize the gravity of such decision. I thought that cemeteries were no longer of any use and that we had to live with the times."

(12/02/1987 Our Lord Jesus)

"God punishes those who ask for cremation because this action is an offense that the creature commits towards his Creator, VOLUNTARILY destroying the masterpiece of Creation. Man commits a grave offense disposing of his body, the temple of the Holy Spirit up to the tomb, and God is never offended with impunity." (There's a big difference between accidental burning and voluntary consent.)

The Folly of Denying the Power of the Catholic Priesthood (12/02/1987 V.S., a soul in purgatory - this person was not a professed catholic)

"I am in purgatory because I did not want to see a priest before dying when you had offered him to me (referring to Sister Beghe, God's instrument). Now I am burning in the flames and I bitterly repent of my cowardice of which God made me aware and the Blessed Virgin Mary reprimanded me for not having had the humility of going to her sons (priests). I wish you to recite the 'Hail Holy Queen' and 'The Memorare'. She allows those prayers to win her over. I admire St. Joseph profoundly for his goodness and his holiness."

The Folly of Living Violently (04/24/1987 L.A., a soul in purgatory)

"I am in purgatory. Here, many prayers are needed. This place is worse than whatever we could imagine on earth. It is hardly imaginable by a living person. God does not want violence, and I have been violent. God does not want sadness, and I have been sad. God does not want sins of envy, and I have been envious. God does not want us in a bad mood, and I was always in a bad mood. God does not want rudeness, and I have been rude. And now I am in the inextinguishable flames which burn atrociously.

The Folly of Neglecting Marital & Family Responsibilities (09/30/1987 I.R., a soul in purgatory)

"Pray for me (referring to Sister Beghe, God's instrument). You did not think that I had such a need for prayers. Now I know how much I failed in my duties as a husband. It was my duty to observe conjugal fidelity and I did not care in the least during my last years. I am in the flames. I have the sensation that they burn me mortally, but I remain mysteriously alive."

(10/07/1987 J., a soul in purgatory)

"I thank you for your prayers (referring to Sister Beghe, God's instrument) and for having added me to the list of those whom you take care of. I am in purgatory because I did not accept death and I had no trust in God. I had not given the gift of my life to Him and I had not entrusted my husband and my children to His Providence. Pray for my family that they may become more pious and more trustful to the 'Will of God'. Pray for this intention, it is very dear to me."


Church of the True Mass

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